Our Students Are Sports Achievers

EduInc is home to sports achievers who complete at both Provincial and National level.

— Gershom Aitchison (Headmaster)

Young Springboks and provincial sportspeople have gruelling training and competition programmes that often become difficult to sustain while simultaneously managing the rigours of a full academic schedule. We understand these pressures and support our young sportspeople by offering a degree of flexibility.

Our dedicated staff support our sports stars and are always willing to assist them in reaching their goals—both on the playing fields and in the classroom—achieving the best possible results in both arenas.

We assist in managing students' academic schedules while encouraging their best sports performances.

We also recognise the sports achievements of our students, despite the fact that the school does not offer the sport, in the form of colours and honours awards. Colours are awarded for competing at provincial level, and Honours are awarded after this has been achieved for three years. Honours are automatically awarded if the student is competing at Junior Springbok level.

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