Finding the right school for your child

Is your child happy and thriving at school?

Sore tummies and other anxieties

If the sore tummies or headaches have become a common occurrence, or your child is evidently unhappy, or the general negativity and withdrawal have become consistent over an extended period, something is not working and it could be time for a change of environment.

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If you sometimes feel like your child's school just isn't the "right fit", or if you've ever thought that if they just "toughened up a bit" they'd be happier at school, then something is off-key and you should investigate what's really going on.

As parents, we don't want to feel like we're failing our child with our decisions and choices, or that making a change is anything but in their best interests.

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We understand and we're here to help you find the right school for your child. Our mutual objective is to find the best possible match to ensure your child's success.

Schools are different: No two schools are exactly alike. They all have differing approaches, priorities, cultures and values. It would be useful if you knew what to look out for so you can find a match for your child.

Our many years of experience in education, and owning and running a private school, have enabled us to distill most questions and concerns into a book that many parents find extremely helpful. The book is titled "Educating Your 22nd Century Child" and includes chapters such as "Symptoms of a misplaced child: Identifying the right learning environment for your child" and "How to Listen: The value of your child's voice".

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The chapters include detailed information on identifying and managing the symptoms of an unhappy child as well as walking you through case studies of practical applications of our values and methods.

For example:

Tears, sore tummies, excessive anxiety. Any or all of these happening most days in the car on the way to school needs further appropriate investigation. The behaviour is coming from somewhere, whether it is to play you for sympathy, or the opposite extreme where there is bullying, feelings of inadequacy or too much pressure and inadequate coping skills to appropriately deal with the problems. What is my child really saying? The modern child expects (and is expected) to have their own viewpoints, opinions and freedom to ask questions, especially when it comes to upholding their fundamental rights. We refer to this as your child's voice or your child having a voice. However, many children are not yet equipped with the vocabulary required to express their evolving feelings.

We also share some real-life case studies that will give you more insight into our process and values.

Listen to Neil's story

You're certain to recognise situations like this from conversations you’ve had with your child. We'll follow this real-life example for you, explain the likely root causes and walk you through how we resolve this in line with our values.

There's a link below for you to download our book, which is certain to help bring clarity to you as you wrestle with all this new information.

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Can I afford your fees?

This is a question we expect you to ask. Well, our fees are lower than you'd expect. One-on-one teaching in our very small classes necessitates that we charge more than a government school would. However, our fees are in line with what you'd expect to pay at a neighboring private school (though they have up to 25 in a class while we have 10). Take a moment to download our prospectus (there’s a link below) and see for yourself what our classes and school look like. The best interest of the children is our highest priority and we'd like you to come and visit and see for yourself.

While on the subject of fees, one of the things we work hard on is to ensure that there are NO hidden extras. That's right, the annual curriculum fee includes textbooks, development levy, locker rental, software licences and photographs. There are NO additional compulsory "hidden" charges during the year. The fee you see is the fee you pay – and that's for a private school education in classes with no more than 10 children per teacher.

You'll find a fee calculator on our website to assist you in determining a payment plan that suits you. What you see is what you pay—there are neither long lists of excluded items nor extras that are added later.

Do you have space for my child?

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With such small classes space is often limited. Please give us a call after reading our prospectus and we will advise on which grades have space and when your child may be able to start with us. While many children do start immediately, it is not unusual for children to start when the next term or academic year begins.

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What do you mean by "boutique school"?

Our school is small and personal. Our classes are very small and our teachers provide one-on-one attention to all students. We cater to individual student and family needs, be they academic, creative or sporting. For example, we have several provincial and international sporting students who require flexible schedules to enable them to participate in their competitions globally. We also have models who need flexibility for auditions and shoots.

We recognise that each child's academic journey is different, as are their goals and aspirations. This is something we respect, encourage and facilitate through our mentoring style.

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Contact Education Incorporated

At EduInc we talk about things face-to-face. To start a conversation with us and establish if we are the right match for your educational expectations, please contact us on +27 (0)11-467-8015.