Join Our Amazing Team!

We recruit people with potential, and actively encourage individual professional development.

— Jacqueline Aitchison (Executive Head)

We are looking for great teachers! We want even more motivated, passionate people who are very effective teachers to join Education Incorporated and share this exciting adventure with us. Quality education is driven by quality people.

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The Application Process

  • Fill out the application form. Thank you for your interest in teaching at our boutique school. This is not what you're expecting... start by clicking here... Good luck!
  • Phone interview. A 10- to 20-minute conversation with general questions about your background, experience and values. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and consists of questions to assess your mission and vision alignment with our school. Successful candidates will be invited for an in-person interview. To prepare for the phone interview, candidates should demonstrate that they have sufficiently researched Education Incorporated, and can explain why they are interested in joining our team.
  • In-person interview. Interviews are a two-part process. The first part is a conversation with the Headmaster and Executive Head of the school. You will be asked questions about your educational viewpoints and have the opportunity to share your educational journey thus far. The second part is with a panel of your peers. This is where you will be asked to share examples of your administrative competency (teacher files, lesson plans, etc.) and will have the opportunity to explore the culture of the staff, and school as a whole. In preparing for the interview, candidates should think about the role they would like to play in the growing Education Incorporated schools group, now and in the future, and about their strengths and areas of growth as individuals. Successful candidates will demonstrate confidence and a willingness to accept feedback throughout the course of the interview.

Contact Education Incorporated

At EduInc we talk about things face-to-face. To start a conversation with us and establish if we are the right match for your educational expectations, please contact us on +27 (0)11-467-8015.