School Life

Education is not a race to the finish line.


Memories made during school years shape our adult lives. At Education Incorporated, we aim to enrich our children’s memories by exposing them to diverse experiences. We believe that school isn’t just about reaching the necessary academic milestones. It is a voyage of discovery that allows every student’s distinct personality to shine.

School Spirit

At the heart of our Education Incorporated ethos is a powerful sense of school spirit, weaving together memories, aspirations and shared experiences. Our shared spirit cultivates a sense of belonging and camaraderie, helping every student feel anchored as part of a community far more than the sum of its parts. We share pride in our achievements and form unbreakable bonds in our classrooms and corridors. We learn together, grow together and revel in our sense of community.

The world within our walls celebrates individuality, sparks curiosity and hones critical thinking skills, fuelling creativity. Our approach to learning is grounded in the understanding that every child’s journey is unique. We provide an environment where students can explore and grow at their own pace, building a solid foundation for their futures.

Every lesson, interaction and day at Education Incorporated is an opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in our dynamic learning environment, bursting with opportunities that help them succeed academically and thrive personally.

In-School downtime

Lunch breaks and downtime at Education Incorporated can be both exciting and peaceful. Animated discussions complement moments of solitude as students exchange stories, insights and laughter. Amid the chatter, some might be engrossed in a riveting project discussion. In contrast, others might share a serene moment with Zeus, our treasured school dog.

These intentional breaks are designed to rejuvenate the mind and spirit. They offer a chance to relax, bond and find inspiration, making them a cornerstone of our holistic educational journey.

Guest Speakers

Inviting speakers to Education Incorporated exposes our students to the a landscape of possibilities. Each talk offers a unique fusion of personal experiences and professional wisdom, opening eyes to diverse careers and paths.

Hearing firsthand from those who’ve walked varied routes allows our students to visualise their potential journeys more clearly. Through these engagements, students gather more than knowledge; they gain clarity and inspiration, making the larger world tangible and approachable.

Impacting the Community

At Education Incorporated, we deeply value the community around us and are dedicated to enriching it. With this goal in mind, our students are introduced to community outreach initiatives from an early age. These experiences, from local service projects to larger collaborative efforts, cultivate a genuine sense of purpose.

The aim? To ensure that every graduate excels academically and leaves with a deeply rooted sense of social responsibility. By merging education with real-world community impact, we inspire students to embrace their roles as compassionate global citizens.

Extra Mural Activities

Learning at Education Incorporated isn’t confined to textbooks or traditional subjects. We firmly believe in the holistic development of our students, which is why we have a diverse range of extramural activities.

Whether diving into the depths of music, exploring the intricacies of art, or challenging oneself in sports, there’s a world of opportunities waiting. These activities complement the academic curriculum and offer students a platform to discover passions, hone skills, and build confidence in areas outside of conventional learning.

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School Excursions

At Education Incorporated, we champion learning that stretches beyond classroom walls.

Whether it’s an enlightening local camp, a curriculum-focused outing, or an overseas adventure, each trip serves a purpose. They offer students a broader perspective, fostering social and emotional growth while diving deep into the real-world context of their studies.

Socials and Dances

At Education Incorporated, each year is marked with social events that bring our students closer together. From the early years, where age-appropriate events introduce them to the joy of community, to their senior years, where traditional dances allow them to let their hair down in a safe space, there’s always something to look forward to.

Senior dances encapsulate years of shared experiences, laughter and growth. And when the entire school comes together, like during our grand 10th birthday celebration, the sense of unity resonates throughout the school. At these get-togethers, traditions and new memories are created.

InterHouse Activities

Step into Education Incorporated, and you’ll quickly feel the pulse of our inter-house spirit. For every student, this journey starts uniquely – a simple questionnaire determines their house alignment, drawing inspiration from legendary skyward creatures.

A symbolic pin is proudly attached to their uniforms as students find their houses. More than an emblem, it’s a commitment to the house’s virtues and a testament to the sense of belonging that defines our school community.


    • Colour & Stone: Opal
    • Virtues: Courage, Intelligence, and Determination guide Griffin, shaping its members into thoughtful adventurers.


    • Colour & Stone: Emerald
    • Virtues: With Power and Wisdom to protect its kin, Dragon House stands formidable yet wise.


    • Colour & Stone: Amethyst
    • Virtues: Pegasus thrives on Inspiration and Enlightenment, with Loyalty anchoring its flight.


    • Colour & Stone: Ruby
    • Virtues:  For Phoenixes, Purity and Reason chart the course, embracing the spirit of Independence.