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The memories forged during school years play an influential role in shaping our adult narratives. At Education Incorporated, we aim to ensure that these memories resonate with a rich tapestry of diverse experiences. Here, school isn’t just about progressing through academic milestones but crafting a voyage that lets each student’s distinct personality and potential shine brightly.



We are priviliged to have several of our students conduct TedEd Student Talks.

The Magic of Minecraft | Chad Fanaroff

Minecraft is more than a game. For some, it’s a life-saver. Kids who are socially awkward, have learning difficulties or who struggle academically have found a home on this platform for a variety of reasons. In this talk Chad explains why Minecraft has featured on his journey through childhood and adolescence.

Hair as an identity | Pebo Moeketsi

Imagine your hair being compared to a pot scourer! In this talk, Pebo shares her journey of learning to love her natural African hair and how she came to accept it as part of her own unique identity. She shares her role models so that other young girls can also look in the mirror and love what they see.

I'm OK; You're OK | Trinity Nel

I’m OK; You’re OK: the 4 life positions that teach student leaders to maintain their own equilibrium while lending support to struggling peers. This Talk shows teens how to keep themselves mentally strong so that they are able to step up when it counts.

Living with Albanism | Mahle Solombela

A teenager’s story of learning to love her uniqueness. The challenges and lessons of living with albanism.

200 years of gender stereotyping | Lulu Mabunda

After several hundred years we are still haunted by the legacy of negative gender norms. There is light, however. The 21st century is marked by significant inroads being made towards a more representative society, with many more to come.

Shy vs introverted: which one are you? | Mikateko Mathebula

In this talk, Mika explains the differences between being shy and being an introvert, the significance of these differences and the impact of these on the life of a teenager.

Failure - Terror or Teacher? | Cian Quinn

Fail. Fail forward. And make failing your friend. We need to overcome living a life where we try to avoid failure at all costs. The lessons we learn from failure are the most valuable lessons out there and we need to learn this as early as possible.