Our School’s Education Philosophy


At Education Incorporated, education is a journey, not a race. Our philosophy is to nurture and spark creativity, championing personalised learning and building character. We’re committed to developing independent free thinkers with a balanced, holistic approach, where every experience is a chance for growth.


We go beyond knowledge, developing the whole student – mind, body and spirit. High standards meet emotional intelligence, preparing well-rounded individuals for life’s challenges.
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Intermediate Phase (Grades 4-6)


Our curriculum mixes academic rigour with exploration and character building. Creatively taught core subjects engage students, building a solid foundation while stimulating curiosity.

Learning Outcomes

Expect strong core subject understanding, problem-solving, creative thinking and a preparedness to leap into the Senior Phase.

Senior Phase (Grades 7-9)


The Senior Phase offers transformative education, balancing academics with social-emotional learning. Our students dive into complex concepts, learn to apply knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop personal responsibility.

Learning Outcomes

Our students leave the senior phase with resilience, empathy, critical thinking and readiness for FET Level and beyond.


FET Phase (Grade 10-12)


This challenging phase prepares students for future careers with broad and meticulous subject offerings, including advanced courses in Mathematics, English and Physical Sciences.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates are academically adept, emotionally intelligent and ready for the world, equipped with lifelong learning skills, ready for university, entrepreneurship or career paths.


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Each student’s journey is unique and brilliant, so we offer a wide variety of subjects.
Core subjects cover the essentials, while optional ones suit personal interests and goals. Have a glimpse at what we’ve got in store.

Compulsory Subjects (Grades 10-12):

These subjects lay the groundwork for future studies.

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Mathematics or Maths Literacy
  • Life Orientation

Optional Subjects (Grades 10-12):

Chosen for their recognition in tertiary education, these prepare our students for the next step. Pick three from:

  • History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Business Studies


Further Studies:

For those seeking more challenge, these advanced subjects offer deeper exploration.

  • Advanced Programme Mathematics
  • Advanced Programme English
  • Advanced Programme Physical Sciences



Enriching Learning Through Extra Mural Activities:

Beyond the classroom, our robust programs and extramural activities foster personal growth and discovery.

Celebrating Creative Expression

We support aspiring artists, including drama, art and dance enthusiasts, balancing artistic pursuits with a rigorous academic curriculum.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Minds

Our mentored teaching and small class sizes stimulate innovation, problem-solving and leadership

Supporting Athletic Ambitions

We support young athletes, balancing training with academics, celebrating achievements at all levels.

Cultivating a Competitive Spirit

We nurture resilience and determination through competitions, preparing students to thrive in a competitive world.

Empowering Individuality

Our personalised attention and supportive environment enable every student to thrive.

Sofia Martin
Sofia Martin
I spent the first 8 years of my school career in classrooms with 30+ students. I had severe anxiety when it came to my academics and writing exams/tests. I moved to EduInc the first year they launched and my confidence grew so much. Jax & Gersh nurture every student like their own children and give each student the freedom to be their own person. They nurtured my interests, they understood who I was as an individual and the attention I needed - something I never got at my previous schools. Because of the skills that I was taught at EduInc, I graduated Cum Laude in my Marketing & Financial Management Degree a couple of years ago and now run my own Marketing Agency - something I could never have imagined if it wasn't for my experiences there.
Nicole Marais Swart
Nicole Marais Swart
My two boys have flourished at EduInc - its the best thing we did for them. We moved them from another excellent, but much larger, private school. They now have personal relationships with the teachers who keep them on track, in a small classroom environment. Now in Grade 10 and 12, with subject choices, sometimes there are only two kids in a class. The culture of the school is one of personal excellence, whatever that may mean for the child.
Ariana Games
Ariana Games
Edu Inc is a marvelous school, that makes communication with others a lot easier. The environment is quite comfortable, and together Edu Inc feels like one big family.
Being at Education Incorporated has been a blessing this year. We were well prepared when covid hit SA and we were, thankfully, able to continue teaching without any issues. The support from management has been amazing and I think that few teachers in the world were as fortunate as us. Our students have risen up to the challenge, and even 10-year-olds are mastering new technology. Times are hard, but Eduinc has made it easy to conquer the battle that is 2020.
Joseph Washaya
Joseph Washaya
Academically great. Offers more individual attention to the student and less distractions. Inevitably resulting in good results. Good environment to be in as well.
Erin Boon
Erin Boon
I arrived at Edu Inc the year that they opened and I could not be more grateful to have been able to go to such a beautiful school. I didn’t believe that I could get through school but when I arrived at Edu Inc, my academic confidence grew exponentially. Without Edu Inc, I wouldn’t have the confidence to be where I am today. Small classes and patient, understanding teachers makes a world of a difference.