At Education Incorporated, the role of an ambassador is a prestigious and influential position awarded to students who embody the school’s core values of respect, tolerance, selflessness, and the recognition of others while maintaining their best selves. These ambassadors are not only representatives of the school but also role models who inspire their peers through their actions, attitudes, and dedication to the school’s ethos.

As Education Incorporated Ambassadors, we must represent the school and embody its core values. It’s a great honour to be entrusted with this role in our education community. It’s no small feat to be given this opportunity to represent the students of our school, and I’m very appreciative to be the face of this place that promotes everyone’s authenticity and offers the chance to be their best selves.

Personal Perspectives

What I value most about being an ambassador is that it has allowed me to think about the impact I want to have on my community, my world, and myself. It is a bit of extra pressure and stress, but the honour of being my school’s female ambassador outweighs any pressure that may be bestowed on me. I have to remember the weight of my position, the importance of my duties, and the influence I have on the younger students, but I also enjoy the time I have left at the school and create great memories for the future. The role took its shape in my last year of high school and challenged my comfort zone, pushing me to be better and the best version of myself.

Values and Responsibilities

To me, the values of Education Incorporated are fundamental guidelines for my behaviour as an ambassador. Respect, tolerance, and selflessness are necessary traits to show as school ambassadors. We are part of this community that has enrolled our support, attention, and care to assist in its growth, and we must embody these values and others to become the leaders the Aitchison’s believe we are destined to be. Important responsibilities we have as ambassadors are taking ownership and initiative. It’s a role of commitment (saying what you do and doing what you say) and committing to being authentic. As we are meant to inspire the younger generation to be who they are, it would be somewhat hypocritical not to follow our values.

Inspiration and Motivation

Many people, from my school’s leaders, teachers, and parents, inspire me to hold good values. I am lucky (partly due to my parents’ diligence) to be surrounded by adults I believe I can look up to—adults who are inspiring, encouraging, and supportive and who uphold their values of importance. Being placed in this role of being an ambassador comes with high expectations. My motivation to meet the high expectations of being an ambassador comes from my desire to be someone my younger self can look at, inspired and excited for the future and someone my future self can look back on with pride. Trying to meet people’s expectations of me has taught me a lot about balance finding the right flow pocket to sit in to maintain my academics, life, and motivation.


Some advice for younger students and future school ambassadors is to be yourself. Sometimes, it’s challenging, but your authentic self is your greatest strength, and there’s no benefit to closing that off. I know that genuinely exposing yourself to the people around you is scary. Coming out of my shell and leaving my comfort zone genuinely terrified me in the past few years, but this role as an ambassador has enabled me to release my inhibitions and not be afraid of what others might think of me. Keeping your authenticity through tough times is what makes you you and what makes you your best self. Just be a good person with courage; the rest should fall into place.

Being an Edu Inc Ambassador

Everyone can use a bit of integrity, tolerance, and selflessness; these values are essential not just within the Edu Inc school grounds but also in continuing to embody them. This will make the journey to becoming a valued member of society much easier. That’s motivation enough for me to resemble an Edu Inc ambassador and its values throughout my life.