Tendani Mulaudzi, writing for Business Day, shines a light on the heavy academic pressures faced by students in private schools with her article, “The Heavy Burden of School Excellence.” This article takes a close look at the struggles of Grade 12 students aiming for high marks and the emotional and mental challenges they encounter. Mulaudzi contrasts the celebration of top matriculation results with the impact on students’ mental health and self-esteem. Her piece is an important read for anyone in education, offering insights into the balance between academic success and student well-being. #Education #AcademicPressure #MatricExcellence

The heavy burden of school excellence

Private schools put a lot of pressure on their grade 12s to excel, but not everyone can achieve straight As

Every year, we have a two-day break from serious news headlines reporting on subject matter that brings more hopelessness, frustration, pressure and sadness to a once hopeful SA. The days in question are the announcement of the matric results, as every news broadcast celebrates the achievements of certain schools and individuals — lifting the spirit of the country by placing our hopes on these young rising stars. Click here to read the full article.