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10 meg fibre line minimum per person in the household. I.e. 4 People = 40 meg line (try and steer away from LTE and 4G as they are unstable).

The ideal device for working digitally and that has some longevity is a laptop with the following specs: 

  • 15.6″ Screen
  • Intel i3 and higher (gen 6 and higher)
  • 8 gigs of RAM minimum
  • 256 gig SSD Hard Drive
  • Numpad
  • Webcam

Workspace at home:

  • Additional computer screen (One screen for work, one screen for communication)
  • Work desk that can accommodate the laptop, extra screen, workbook and textbook.
  • A printer and scanner if required.

Edu Inc has developed good relationships with a couple of tech suppliers:

1) Matrix Warehouse Fourways Crossing: The manager Richard or assistant manager Kyle will give you a very good price (often discounted) if you mention that you are an Edu Inc parent or student and that “Gershom sent you to them because you give Edu Inc the best prices”.

2) If you are looking for good quality refurbished machines (1-year warranty), contact Gabriel at www.xperien.co.za in Kya Sands and tell him that Kennedy Consulting referred you to him (Gavin’s company). Ask him to send you a list of devices he currently has with the above specs.

3) Edu Inc has a Microsoft School Licence and can legally provide all its students and teachers with Windows and Office products. You can save some money on this too if you exclude it from the purchase package.