Gershom Aitchison


With a Certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard, Gershom Aitchison expertly leads our school, blending his vast experience with a personal touch that allows every student to find their unique path, whether a musician or an aspiring entrepreneur.

About Gershom

Gershom and his wife Jacqueline founded Edu Inc out of a shared passion for holistic Education and a firm belief in effective teacher training and pedagogical implementation. They are dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential, ensuring they embark on a suitable academic path.

Under Gershom’s guidance, the dedicated educators at Edu Inc offer attentive and personalised teaching to small groups, fostering independent, self-actualised thought leaders prepared for any life path they choose.

Personal Philosophy

Self-understanding, self-acceptance, and accountability form the backbone of Gershom’s educational philosophy. At Edu Inc, the emphasis is on challenging individuals to realise their best selves, ensuring they comprehend and take responsibility for their actions and their impacts on people and relationships around them.