Education Incorporated to offer Afrikaans as a first language

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Education

This new language option from Edu Inc will allow Afrikaans-speaking children the option to learn Afrikaans at a higher standard as a first language, as well as access the school’s unique and progressive education model with its proven advantages – one of which is very small classes with a maximum of 12 children.

Catering for students’ specific skills, interests and aptitudes is core to Edu Inc’s philosophy

“Given our model where we tailor our educational approach according to the specific needs of our students, catering for learners who wish to take Afrikaans as a first language subject and thus at a higher standard, is just another way of maximising our curriculum to suit our students’ needs,” says Edu Inc’s Head Executive Jacqueline Aitchison.

“We believe that the success of each child derives from continually developing a portfolio of skills and experiences alongside the academic curriculum. Specific areas of interest and or competence are catered for – from art and music to sport and cultural activities,” she adds.

Apart from academic rigour, Edu Inc encourages its students to create, build and problem-solve.

“We aim for a high emotional quotient and encourage critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills in our students,” Aitchison says.

In addition, the school encourages effective communication skills and nurturing a meaningful contribution to society.

“The new world relies on innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and ethical leadership. Educational qualifications are not sufficient to be a successful innovator, entrepreneur and leader. Essentially, we build a commitment to life-long learning in our students,” she concludes.

Situated in Fourways, Edu Inc’s plan to offer Afrikaans as a home language option, should be an attractive option to many Afrikaans-speaking families in the area, where there are currently no Afrikaans high schools.