Our Students Are Entrepreneurs

Rather than offering extra-mural activities, our primary focus is on strong academic performance.

— Gavin Kennedy (General Operations Manager)

At Education Incorporated we understand that our students live in a world that is evolving and developing at an exponentially fast pace. Traditional academic values and systems will simply not equip them for the world they will enter on completion of their education.

Our focus is on critical thinking and the mastery of skills required to understand our changing world.

We believe that it is vital that our students leave us with the ability to create, build, problem solve and develop ideas. They should be able to communicate these ideas with a high level of confidence and articulation.

Our very small classes and mentored teaching style, combined with training courses for students who are interested, facilitate the entrepreneurial development of our students.

Make an appointment to come and see what we do, how we do it, and if our values match yours and your child's.

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At EduInc we talk about things face-to-face. To start a conversation with us and establish if we are the right match for your educational expectations, please contact us on +27 (0)11-467-8015.