About Us

Education Incorporated is a private boutique school with a unique perspective on education.

— Gavin Kennedy (General Operations Manager)

At Education Incorporated, our select educators provide attentive and personalised teaching to very small groups of children with potential. We grow children into independent thought leaders able to succeed in whichever path they choose in life.

Our global citizens come from all walks of life, but we have found that our demographics tend towards five distinct groups. Education Incorporated has exceptionally high academic standards with a solid support structure, and as such we attract students who want to achieve academically.

Young musicians, models and actors have gruelling training and competition programmes that often become difficult to sustain while simultaneously managing the rigors of a full academic schedule. Although Education Incorporated does not offer formal Art and Drama as an FET subject, the school is able to accommodate creative achievers in the Arts.

At Education Incorporated we recognise that all children are unique individuals, and that large, busy environments overwhelm some children. Our environment recognises and nurtures the potential of each child, working hand-in-hand with them, showing them what it is like to learn in secure, encouraging and positive surroundings.

Our students live in a world that is evolving and developing at an exponentially fast pace. Traditional academic values and systems are not equipping our future entrepreneurs for the world they will step into after school. Critical thinking and the ability to create, build, problem-solve and develop ideas sets Education Incorporated students apart.

Although Education Incorporated does not offer formal sports activities, the school is home to a significant number of sports stars competing at both provincial and national levels. Young Springboks and provincial sportspeople have grueling training and competition programmes, and these students often enroll at Education Incorporated because we can help manage the rigors of a full academic curriculum alongside their sporting commitments.

Gershom and Jacqueline Aitchison’s educational journey has resulted in a great passion for education and a belief in the potential for an improved educational standard through effective teacher training and implementation.

Their belief in the potential of each child, and the importance of being placed on the appropriate academic path, underlies their overwhelming passion to grow children holistically. Education Incorporated began in 2013 as a result of Gershom and Jacqueline's successes with Kip McGrath Education Centres in Bryanston and Midrand, which they owned and operated from 2006 to 2017. The Bryanston centre was ranked amongst the largest Kip McGrath centres in the world.

Their experiences teaching in Asia (between 2003 and 2006) highlighted two pillars underlying their core values that are the very foundation of the Education Incorporated Boutique School: High academic standards and the respect afforded teachers. The Aitchisons remain determined to see these non-negotiable values fostered in South Africa and remain committed to doing all they can to make this a reality.

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At EduInc we talk about things face-to-face. To start a conversation with us and establish if we are the right match for your educational expectations, please contact us on +27 (0)11-467-8015.